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The 2DS Nintendo released on October 12 !

images-3.jpg Nintendo has just made an announcement that does not fail to surprise, even to entertain the public. The Japanese automaker has indeed launch on October 12IMAGES-3.jpg new capable console video games of the 3DS. The secret of the novelty of this console is its name: the 2DS. 2D, like ... two dimensions. In other words, this 2DS will not have 3D display. It is also one piece, so they are not foldable like the other models of the brand. Another feature, the 2DS be sold 129.99 dollars (about 98 euros), but for now its price in Europe is not yet announced. It will cost one euro thirty less than the current 3DS sold around 160 euros without doubt. It is therefore a model with a "low-cost" position, but allows you to play the latest titles planned for the 3DS or 3DS XL, 3D less.

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